Beauty, if poets and philosophers are to be

believed, isn’t found in perfection. It’s

defined by the deviations it creates

from the streamlined. Beauty

is raw, real, and unapologetic. This is why

beauty should always

catch your attention and construct possibilities.


In times when concepts are overwrought,

beauty should excite. There’s

a certain irrelevance it


that wakes us up from the

usual. Beauty inspires through the

way it challenges the accepted.


The details in “Skewed” are

a bit off-kilter and a little left of center

by no accident. Ria Prieto

draws from experience as an editor, stylist,

and creative consultant with these pieces that

disrupt the norm. Every

earring, pin, ring, and necklace is meant to

see the brilliance of going

outside the lines.


Using asymmetry,

mismatched earrings, and how

pearls aren’t where they are supposed to be,

the collection is all about how

jewelry plays around with beauty.  "Skewed”

is about mixing it


way and imbibes that sense of whimsy.  After

all, beauty is a provocation.

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