“Traveling light” takes on a new world of meaning with Jul B. Dizon’s latest collection which plays with color and light radiating from fine quality gemstones. Designed by Ginny Dizon, one of the talented siblings that make up the creative force behind the renowned Jul B. Dizon brand, Voyage showcases handcrafted, standout pieces all fashioned in 18k gold and a trove of colorful gems.

The Voyage collection is an easy introduction to wearing coloured gemstones. Each piece of Voyage features fine gemstones in studs and jackets, including citrines, amethysts, topaz, beryls, aquamarine, morganite, helidors, green and pink tourmalines, as well as garnets in orange, pink and maroon. Emeralds and sapphires are offered on special orders. The exceptional cutting of the round coloured gems allow them to sparkle brightly that they can be worn alone or combined with different pieces.